About Us

Avoglow is an Australian Natural Cosmetics Company based in Sydney. AvoGlow produces and supplies Cosmetic products formulated from natural ingredients. We believe that cosmetics, skincare, hair care and nail care products can be formulated using simple and natural sources that are beneficial to skin, hair and nail.
AvoGlow is established by Dr. Amir Moezzi who is the chief chemist and nanotechnologist. Dr. Moezzi has been working on industrial projects and is expert in chemical process engineering. His vision in safe and healthy formulations in cosmetic industry was the aim to start some R&D and production of products that are beneficial to our skin, hair and nail. He believes in simplicity and efficacy rather than having thousands of products that are risk to our health. Currently market is flooded with thousands of products. Every producer wants to be different from the others, ignoring the fact that difference is not the only factor for sales. To produce different products, producers blend various ingredients sometimes without considering the risks of these ingredients to our health. Having seen various formulations with multiple unhealthy ingredients, Dr. Moezzi started R&D on products such as sunscreens, moisturizers and body exfoliators (scrubs). Dr. Moezzi oversees the R&D and production of the products using his chemistry and chemical engineering expertise to ensure that products are healthy to use with various benefits to our skin, hair and nail.
Our mission at AvoGlow is providing our customers with the best and simplest solutions for their skincare, hair care and nail care. We believe that good cosmetic products can be very SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE. We apply the basics of chemistry along with simple and effective natural ingredients to create cosmetic formula that are full of benefits to our bodies.
We Create Natural Cosmetics to Glow Your Skin.

Introduction to AvoGlow

AvoGlow is a cosmetics company based in Australia. AvoGlow supplies cosmetic products derived from natural sources such as skincare products having natural ingredients to help the skin to reduce the signs of aging and wrinkles. We produce natural oils and creams with amazing ingredients such as Omega fatty acids such as Omega-5, Omega 6 and Omega-9.


Learning more about AvoGlow

We use ingredients such as Australian Natural Beeswax to support our formulations to provide natural antioxidants to skin, hair and nail.

We endeavour to bring the positive aspects of natural sources from special parts of fruits and plants that contain high levels of beneficial ingredients with outstanding properties to our skincare and hair care products.

We also have formulated natural body scrubs using Australian roasted Coffee Beans, Pomegranate seed oil and Sour Cherry Kernel Oil to soften and moisturize your skin. Our Coffee Scrub is in the form of a gentle cream that softens your skin in an amazing manner.

A focus on quality

We started our journey producing 100% natural oils derived by cold-press process such as Pomegranate seed oil and Sour Cherry Kernel Oil. These 100% natural oils are rich in Omega fatty acids that help to reduce the signs of ageing and wrinkles. Some companies use these oils in small quantities to bring the amazing properties of these oils to their products. We are pleased to supply concentrated forms of these oils without any additives and dilution to bring all the goods of these oils to your skin and hair.

AvoGlow - An Australian Natural Cosmetics Company